On The Wheel Superstore


Pay a £99 refundable deposit to reserve your vehicle


When you make a deposit online, you reserve the vehicle with an intention to buy when we contact you to take payment in full. Your deposit is fully refundable. We will process this automatically if we do not reach you or hear from you anytime after the 3 day reservation period is up. We cannot guarantee your payment will be refunded immediately.

If we cannot reach you and receive no contact after 3 working days (for deposit customers) or 5 working days (for vehicles paid in full), we will refund you and the vehicle will become available to others. In rare instances, the vehicle you reserve may already have been sold in the shop. In such cases, we reserve the right to refund your deposit and continue with the sale of the bike to the store customer.

All orders are subject to additional charges, including a £99 admin fee for each vehicle. All new bikes incur a £55 registration fee. Taxes and delivery charges will be added to your total future payments when an advisor makes contact. Read our taxes and delivery guide to learn more.

We only deliver to the United Kingdom. We do not currently offer international shipping.

Due to current high demand, deliveries may take a little longer. Expected delivery times are delayed by an extra 3 days on top of the standard 1-2 weeks lead time.