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Upload Your Licence

* we will use your licence details to fill out your V5C log book.
All licence copies are kept secure and are not retained any longer than necessary to complete your purchase.

Our sales team will then contact you shortly (within 3-5 working days).

If you don’t hear from us after 2 working days, give us a call on the phone number at the bottom of the email, or reply to the email to chase your order with our sales team. We may already have tried to reach you and missed you.

If we do fail to reach you and receive no contact from you after 3 days, we will refund your deposit and your bike will no longer be reserved.

In rare instances, the vehicle you reserve may already have been sold in the shop. In such cases, we reserve the right to refund your deposit in full and continue with the sale of the bike to the retail store customer. We’ll contact you if this happens.

If you have sent a finance enquiry our sales team will contact you shortly (within 3-5 working days).

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