At Sinnis Motorcycles, we design award-winning scooters and motorcycles.

As the UK leader in small-capacity motorcycles and scooters, we’re driven by a vision to get more people on two wheels riding the British streets.
We manufacture our bikes in Suzuki, Harley-Davidson and Yamaha partner factories to achieve a leading edge in small-CC machine engineering.

We build our bikes around people and we’re proud of it.

2021 motorcycles

discover the 2021 range



FROM £4,799

Secure the next generation A2 adventure bike, the Sinnis Terrain 380cc. One of the most anticipated adventure motorcycles of the decade, the Sinnis T380 has landed.


FROM £2,899

The Sinnis T125 is truly the do-it-all motorcycle. Whether carving up the city streets or transitioning to off-road adventures, with our flagship 125cc adventure bike you’ll have nothing to focus on but the journey ahead.



FROM £2,499

The Apache SMR is the bike you can seriously throw around. Upright, lightweight and grin-heavy this 125cc supermoto puts the extreme rider in you on the street every day of the week. With a twin exhaust, digital dash and trellis frame, the SMR breaks the super moto mould.


FROM £2,299

The Apache SM is a down-and-dirty supermoto in a road-legal package. Powered by a fist-pumping 4-stroke engine, it brings the track to the street so you’ll never be bored again. Ride this lightweight, diamond-cut monster anywhere you go. The SM is the adrenaline king.



FROM £2,299

With classic contours and a timeless design, the 2021 Hoodlum reflects the essence of cruising and the spirit of the ride. Upgraded for Euro 5 emission standards and ready for the open road, the Hoodlum meets the challenge of urban commuting with style and practicality.



FROM £1,899

The Sinnis Akuma injects fun into the boring parts of your day. With a triple-exit exhaust, lightweight and aggressive build, even the most experienced riders can’t resist this little ankle-biter. With a 5-speed gearbox, responsive engine setup and fuel injection, this is a true class contender in the mini street market.