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Yamaha Motorcycles have been revving your heart for 65 years now, with their mission to provide Kando (a Japanese word to express the feeling of deep satisfaction/excitement you feel when you encounter something of great value, quality & performance) to all Yamaha riders. All Yamaha Motorcycles are designed by people who truly love what they do, and whose goal is to provide you with the best experience possible.

2021 motorcycles

discover the 2021 range



FROM £22,602

Your whole motorcycling career has been building up to this moment. And with the R1M you can be sure that you are in possession of the most advanced Yamaha production track bike of all time.


FROM £17,402

Developed without compromise and constructed with the most sophisticated engine and chassis technology, the R1 is the ultimate Yamaha supersport.


FROM £12,099

Based on one of the most successful WorldSSP bikes of all time, the R6 RACE is the ultimate track machine – from everyday racing enthusiasts to national supersport racers.


FROM £12,221

The R6 is a legend on the street – and its outstanding record in the WorldSSP Championship shows that it’s also a proven winner on the race track. 


FROM £5,650

R-World is calling. Because the high specification R3 comes fully equipped with a wide range of high-end features that give you outstanding performance alongside class-leading quality and head turning style


FROM £4,800

Like every premium R-Series motorcycle, the R125 is directly descended from the YZR-M1 factory race bikes that regularly dominate the podium in MotoGP. 

hyper naked

yamaha mt-10sp

FROM £15,052

A new burst of darkness is coming – and once you experience the MT-10 SP’s total performance, you will instantly know that you have truly entered the Dark Side of Japan.

YAMAHA mt-10

FROM £12,502

Power. Torque. Agility. The MT-10 is the one you’ve been waiting for. It’s by far the most powerful Hyper Naked we have ever created. And the time has come for you to enter the next level of darkness.

YAMAHA mt-09 sp

FROM £10,202

Featuring exclusive R1M-inspired colours, as well as premium suspension and cruise control, the ultimate 3-cylinder Hyper Naked is ready to inspire and excite.

YAMAHA mt-09

FROM £8,750

The original MT-09 was a totally new kind of Japanese machine that brought real excitement and pure emotion back to the motorcycle world. It inspired over 50,000 European riders to be a part of the growing Hyper Naked movement.

YAMAHA mt-07

FROM £6,700

With its torque-rich 690cc CP2 engine, compact and agile chassis and outstanding all-round versatility, it’s impossible not to love one of Yamaha’s top-selling models.

YAMAHA mt-03

FROM £5,300

Yamaha’s Hyper Naked bikes are built to thrill. With their muscular styling and adrenaline charged performance, the top-selling MT models have stolen the hearts and minds of riders all over Europe.

YAMAHA mt-125

FROM £4,650

The breed is constantly evolving. The radical MT-125 is ready to bring even more performance, attitude and adrenaline to the 125 class.

sport heritage

YAMAHA xsr900

FROM £9,702

The XSR900 is the real deal. An exhilarating riding experience delivered by cutting edge technology and influenced by an unrivalled racing heritage. 

YAMAHA xsr700

FROM £7,702

The XSR700 makes a serious statement. Designed to give a timeless feel, built on historical icons, matched with tomorrow’s technology for a pure, entertaining riding experience. 

sport touring

YAMAHA tracer 9 gt

FROM £12,202

Sport Touring never felt this good. With exclusive specifications, including electronic semi-active suspension that constantly adjusts front and rear damping force to give you the smoothest and most secure ride.

YAMAHA tracer 9

FROM £10,202

Introducing the dynamic new TRACER 9 from Yamaha. Lighter, quicker and more versatile than ever before – and featuring sleek new aerodynamic bodywork with enhanced ergonomics.

YAMAHA tracer 900 gt

FROM £11,200

The Tracer 900 has rocked the world of motorcycling and become an instant best-seller. By giving every rider the chance to experience thrilling sports performance together with long-distance comfort.

YAMAHA tracer 900

FROM £9,600

Powered by a torque-rich engine housed in a versatile and comfortable chassis, the dynamic Tracer 900 is built to turn up your emotions like no other Sport Touring motorcycle.

YAMAHA tracer 7 gt

FROM £9,002

The TRACER 7 GT is a true sports tourer that can offer a sensational long-distance riding experience. Equipped with 20-litre side cases as well as a high screen and a comfort seat, this lightest-in-class sport-tourer gives you the perfect combination of thrilling performance.

YAMAHA tracer 7

FROM £8,202

With an aggressive face and a whole lot of attitude, the TRACER 7 is equipped to get your adrenaline pumping whenever you ride. After work or at the weekend, this dynamic sport tourer is ready to thrill you with its outstanding performance and lightweight agility.


YAMAHA tenere 700

FROM £9,502

When you’re riding the Ténéré 700, your future can be whatever you want it to be. Because this is a go-anywhere motorcycle than enables you to live life without limits, and experience a new feeling of total freedom.

YAMAHA TENERE 700 rally edition

FROM £10,802

XT riders won this legendary event in ’79 and ’80, and inspired the development of the original Ténéré in 1983 – Yamaha’s iconic adventure bike that changed the world of motorcycling.


YAMAHA tmax tech max

FROM £12,001

If you appreciate the real value of advanced technology, innovative design and outstanding quality, TMAX Tech MAX is your ultimate sport scooter. 

YAMAHA xmax 300 tech max

FROM £6,050

The exclusive XMAX 300 Tech MAX has been developed from the legendary TMAX – so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most impressive scooters in its class. 

YAMAHA xmax 300

FROM £5,700

Built with pure TMAX DNA, the XMAX 300 gives you the style, status and premium quality of a maxi scooter, with the convenience and affordability of a lightweight.

YAMAHA xmax 125 tech max

FROM £5,200

Equipped with a range of exclusive features, the special XMAX 125 Tech MAX is Yamaha’s premium 125cc sport scooter, that’s designed for practical riders like you, who know the value of exclusivity.

YAMAHA xmax 125

FROM £5,000

At Yamaha we believe that commuting should always be fun. And the XMAX 125 is built to make every trip more enjoyable by giving you the ideal balance of sportiness, practicality and functionality.

YAMAHA tricity 300

FROM £7,802

The Tricity 300 is ready to change your life. Its 3-wheel layout gives a new feeling of stability and confidence – and being the lightest and most stylish model in the class it’s the smartest way to move in the city. 

YAMAHA tricity 125

FROM £4,150

Who hasn’t seen the tram doors closing right in front, of them or been uncomfortable in the fully packed tube? Don’t feel helpless, take control of your time and start enjoying the very best that urban life can offer again!

YAMAHA nmax 125

FROM £3,400

Now is the time to re-consider the way you move around the city and the all-new NMAX 125 is Yamaha’s vision of new independent mobility.

YAMAHA d'elight

FROM £2,900

Time is the most precious thing you have – and what matters to you is being able to move into and around the city as stylishly and efficiently as possible.